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… And, often the best service we provide is to purchase your home quickly for cash so that you can move on with the other demands of life. With us you can — sell fast and settle fast —and, we always pay you full value for your property.

We’re in the business of buying homes that need updating and repairs so we can make improvements and sell to new buyers.

You’re no doubt thinking “I could do this myself” — and you’re right — many homeowners can do this work if they choose but for those people who do not have the time, money, experience, or desire to take on such a challenge they turn to us. And for good reasons. The demands of work and family life make it too difficult to take on the risks and responsibility of doing a major renovation.

Over the years we’ve worked with people in all sorts of circumstance.

  • Some were Personal Representatives or Executors who needed to sell a home to settle an estate of a deceased family member or friend.
  • Others were resolving a divorce and needed to come to terms quickly so that they could move on and re-build their home life.
  • Some were starting a new job in a distant city and needed to sell fast to avoid paying two mortgage payments or shoulder the risk of managing a vacant house.
  • Others were struggling financially through unfortunate circumstances such as illness or job loss. They were falling behind on their mortgages or property taxes and needed a solution in a difficult time.
  • And, some were Landlords like me who no longer wanted to deal with the challenges of managing properties and collecting rents.

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However, they all had two concerns -- they very much wanted to sell their property for full market value, and they wanted to avoid the risk of managing a vacant property. We pay full market value, and we settle fast, so you don’t have to worry.

How to Sell Your Home for Full ValueHow to Sell Your Home for Full Value

Full value means different things to different people, and our job is to grasp quickly and completely what full value means for you.

As an investor, we specialize in bringing properties up to their highest and best condition so that they can be re-sold for the highest price. We do a complete update of every part of a home so that it has a “new home” feel. We look at every aspect of a property and ask ourselves -- what can we do to make the property stand out and meet the design and comfort demands of today’s home buyers. Do we need to create an “open-flow” feeling? Are traffic patterns awkward? Can we create additional space -- a new bedroom, bath, or a den? Are the kitchen and baths reflecting today’s colors and designs or are they shouting “we’re outdated?”

Like all new buyers — We evaluate everything

Naturally, we need to consider all the structural issues and systems and bring them up-to-date. This means we check for leaks, foundation concerns, termite damage, mold, lead paint, radon, plus confirm the HVAC is operating properly and efficiently, — and all electrical and plumbing issues are checked and updated to carry today’s load.

Appliances are often a big factor in achieving the new-home feel, and finally, we address any landscaping concerns to be sure that it creates an attractive first impression that says “come inside - relax and enjoy living here.”

So when we purchase a home to renovate and re-sell we promise our Purchase Offer will be a full market price to ensure that you get the funds you need ….and we can cover our costs of renovation, overhead, and a reasonable profit. We take care of all paperwork and settlement costs -- plus there are NO Realtor Sales Commission fees. Settlement occurs within about 21 days -- and, if your finances are tight, we can make you an immediate cash advance within 24 hours of ratifying our purchase agreement.

Sell Your HomeBut there’s more

What if your home is in “move-in” condition but not totally up-to-date? Everything works, styles are not “too” outdated, and the location is great -- good schools, shopping, and convenient to main thoroughfares. In this situation, we offer you a great value -- we’ll list your home for a traditional “As Is Retail” sale. This is one of the most prevalent ways people sell their homes and we provide this service to ensure our clients get the best possible price. With our experience in renovating and selling our own projects we’re experts at marketing and positioning your home for a quick and profitable sale. We know the formula -- and, we know the last thing our clients want is for their home to sit on the market month after month with no offers. Our service and value to you are getting lots of interested people to make you the best offer. As full-service Realtors, we handle the entire transaction from listing through settlement so that you have nothing to worry about.

Finally, in special situations, time is of the essence, and you must know your property will be sold by a certain date and time -- and, you want the best price you can get. No problem — we’ll guarantee we’ll buy your home at a price that works. Just give us a call.